Exciting and Effective Film & Video Production

Not your ordinary video…

When you need a dynamic, thoughtful and effective video or film to market your company, raise funds for your venture or present your product, Cre8ive Productions can write it, direct it and produce it to your complete satisfaction.

From our performance background, we understand how to get an audience to respond in a desired way, to learn your methods, to buy your product, or to motivate your viewers to put their hands in their pockets for their checkbook, not their handkerchief. It’s a fine line to tread and we can walk it.

James Earl Jones from Verizon/Bell Atlantic literacy campaign videoWith a background in theater, film arts and traditional visual arts, our videos are entertaining, informative and elegant.

The partners we team with are top professionals who are highly experienced and fluent in the latest techniques of their trade.

Whether you want an image, product, sales or training presentation, we can create the perfect product for your needs – in video, interactive media or print. We know how to reach your audience. We know what works.

To find out what we can do for you, contact Sherry Lee Snider of Cre8ive Productions by e-mail or call us at 410-279-6357.



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